Nightmare's Gate Haunted House in Douglasville, Georgia

Actors Needed

Seeking actors for Nightmare's Gate Haunted House

Haunted House acting is an amazing experience like no other. We bring the patron onto the stage. They walk amongst us in a labyrinth created to frighten and delight them. Each actor has their part to play, a script to be certain, but they must also respond instantly to the reaction of the patron. They come into your portion of the show and you play your part... and the RUSH you experience is exhilirating! On a stage you don't have the good fortune to look into the eyes of your audience and see how you are received, but here, they are not just observing the show - they are PART of it, and for that moment you are the star that has their undivided attention!

Come be "the thing that goes bump in the night". Feel the shot of adrenialine that every new group brings. Come be a part of something that you and your patrons will remember for a lifetime.

  • We prefer experienced actors but we do provide training.
  • Hone your skills as an actor through extensive improvisational immersion for proven performers.
  • References will be given for future job opportunities.
  • We photograph all actors before and after for portfolio shots.
  • If you are interested in acting at Nightmare's Gate, contact Corwyn at 404-275-2757 or

Operations Support

Seeking detail oriented people for both technical and non-technical behind the scenes show support.