Nightmare's Gate Haunted House in Douglasville, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Parental Advisory... Is there an age limit?
Nightmare's Gate Haunted House is oriented for adults; it is not a kid-style haunted house! We have no age restrictions so long as the child wants to go through on his/her own with no one forcing him/her through. All kids are different. If you think your child will be okay with the scares then bring them down. Please use appropriate judgement. Remember from the time you are through the door into the attraction you are living in a horror movie for the next 30 to 45 minutes. There are exits all along the route if you get too scared.


Are there things I should know before purchasing a ticket?
Yes. The house is not recommended for people with back or heart problems, pregnant women, those prone to seizures, anyone with an affliction exacerbated by anxiety or fear, or those with mobility problems. Further, there are enclosed spaces and minimal climbing will be necessary during part of the tour. You should also know that STROBE LIGHTS are used in the haunted house. There is fog. It’s also dark in there, just so you know. There are loud noises, too. It’s supposed to SCARE you—it’s a haunted house! Finally, management has the right to refuse entrance or eject from the show anyone who touches the actors, are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who are unruly or violent. No refunds or exchanges will be given.

Will I be touched inside the Haunted House?
No. Do not touch the monsters and they will not touch you. No one is going to grab you. Any contact would be accidental and non-confrontational. Anyone threatening or touching our actors will be escorted out by Douglas County's Finest.

Does Nightmare's Gate take credit cards?
We honor Visa, MasterCard and Discover for both online and on site sales,but no, we do not take American Express

Is there a charge for parking?
No there is not. Please follow the direction of our parking lot security. And please lock your valuables in the vehicle.

What if I lose something in the haunt?
Every haunted house in America has a collection of lost cellphones, glasses, and any number of other items. We will do our best to locate your lost items at the end of the night when lights are brought up at the end of the show.

Can my group get a special ticket price?
Absolutely. Contact Corwyn at 404-275-2757 for details. (Your group must contain 15+ people to qualify)

Is there a Dress Code?
The experience is somewhat physically challenging–there is uneven footing, it’s very dark, there are lots of twists and turns. Don’t wear high heels or skimpy sandals or gigantic platform shoes or clothes that keep you from moving freely. It’s a crowded environment and people are scared, which means they get a little sweaty, so it’s a lot better if you don’t wear your white cashmere sweater or your brand-new white jeans. Your shoes may get stepped on and your clothes might get mussed. Please wear appropriate clothing–and shoes!

Will I be able to leave if it is too scary?
YES... but there are no refunds!


The following rules and regulations aim to provide a safe, fun—and frightening—experience for everyone.

  • No open flames or smoking in the haunted house.
  • No sharp objects, weapons or firearms on the premises.
  • Do not touch, harass or endanger NIGHTMARE'S GATE performers.
  • Do not take, deface or destroy NIGHTMARE'S GATE property.
  • Do not run in the haunted house; do not push or shove other patrons.
  • Do not bring bottles, cans, food or beverages into the haunted house.
  • Do not bring illuminating objects into the haunted house, including flashlights, glow sticks, etc. Do not use cell phones, pagers, cameras, tape recorders or other electronic devices in the haunted house.

Violation of these rules and regulations will result in your immediate removal from the premises. For your protection and for the protection of NIGHTMARE'S GATE employees, Plainclothes Security Personnel are on the premises and in the haunted house. ASSUMPTION OF RISK NIGHTMARE'S GATE is AN INTERACTIVE HAUNTED HOUSE intended to scare and surprise you. Therefore, in consideration of NIGHTMARE'S GATE allowing you to enter the haunted house, you represent and promise that you voluntarily and expressly agree to release, discharge and hold them, their owners, employees, contractors AND OTHER PATRONS harmless from any and all legal liability, property damage or medical liability, AND PERSONALLY ASSUME ALL RISKS FROM ANY OF THEIR ACTIONS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, NEGLIGENT ACTS OR STRICT LIABILITY ACTS. SOME OF THESE RISKS ARE APPARENT: PREGNANT WOMEN, PERSONS WITH HEART OR OTHER DEBILITATING CONDITIONS, AND PERSONS WITH EMOTIONAL OR PHYSICAL TRAUMA SHOULD NOT ENTER THE HAUNTED HOUSE. OTHER RISKS MAY NOT BE APPARENT: YOU MAY BE INCIDENTALLY TOUCHED BY A PERFORMER OR BY A NIGHTMARE EFFECT. FINALLY, NIGHTMARE CONTAINS DARK HALLWAYS, CONFINED SPACES, MOVING PARTS AND FRIGHTENING PERFORMERS. PHYSICAL INJURY FROM THEM OR FROM SUDDEN REACTIONS TO THEM MAY OCCUR. Strobe lights, fog machines and other disorienting apparatuses are used in the haunted house. PARENTS: NIGHTMARE'S GATE may not be appropriate for your child. Children under the age of ten (12) will not be admitted without a parent or guardian. If you would like information in regard to NIGHTMARE'S GATE content, please ask our Venue Producer for further details. NIGHTMARE'S GATE is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. If you believe you have lost property in the haunted house, please leave your contact information with the Box Office. Lost personal property cannot be retrieved until closing.

For any other questions call 404-275-2757